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3 ways to download Torrents on your Mac

by tmnsoon

Looking for a particular movie or show you can’t find anywhere else? Often times torrenting it will be your best or only option. Fortunately there are many different ways you can download torrents on your Mac – in this article we’ll go through three of them and you can decide which works best for you.

Use the Brave web browser’s built-in torrenting feature

One of the easiest ways to download torrents is to use the Brave web browser. Brave is a privacy-focused browser built on Chrome’s open source code, and one of its many features is a built-in torrent client which allows you to download torrents without ever leaving the browser.

Download Brave here, then simply search a torrent site for the torrent you want and click the magnet link:

A new tab will open where you can start the torrent downloading, and once it’s done just click the arrows to save the files you’ve downloaded to your Mac:

Download a free torrent client for Mac

Another option is to download a free standalone torrent client for your Mac. In addition to downloading torrents, these will also allow you to create and upload torrents to share with others. There are many available, however in my experience Transmission has been one of the best – it’s a simple, lightweight and easy to use. You can download Transmission here.

Purchase a torrent client with built-in search

If you want some more convenience and functionality consider looking into a paid torrent client. These applications offer features such as a built-in torrent search (so no need to go to The Pirate Bay to search for torrents) and direct download of YouTube videos etc. One of the most prominent of these is Folx, which can be purchased here.

If you choose to purchase Folx you can search for torrents and then download them without having to leave the application at all, like so:

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