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3 ways to prevent your Mac from sleeping

by tmnsoon

Welcome to Macsx, in this article we will discuss 3 free and easy ways to prevent your Mac from sleeping temporarily or permanently.

First method: Set your Mac to never sleep in the System Preferences

The most straightforward and obvious way to stop your Mac from sleeping is to go to the System Preferences, select Energy Saver then drag the slider all the way to the right on the Battery tab, Power Adaptor tab or both.

While this method is fine if you want to stop your Mac from sleeping permanently, what if you want to stop it just temporarily? Going to the System Preferences every time is not very convenient and it would be easy to forget to change the settings back afterwards. So if you want to more easily toggle sleep on your Mac read on for the second and third methods.

Second method: Temporarily disable sleep using the Terminal

If you open the Terminal utility on your Mac there is command you can enter which is “caffeinate“. Simply enter this and press enter, then your Mac will not sleep until the command is terminated.

To terminate the command press “CTRL-C” on your keyboard, and your Mac will once again sleep after a certain amount of time. Closing the terminal window or restarting your Mac will also terminate the command, so you cannot forget!

Third method: Download the third-party application “Caffeine”

Another convenient way to toggle sleep on your Mac is to download the free application “Caffeine” from the developer’s website. Once downloaded simply open the application up and you will see a coffee cup icon in your menu bar:

Click the coffee cup icon to toggle sleep for your Mac. If the coffee cup is full it will not sleep, if it’s empty it will. That’s all there is to it!

If you have any questions or have come across any other ways to stop your Mac from sleeping, feel free to leave a comment below.

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