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How to access 4chan in Australia/NZ

by tmnsoon

Since the Christchurch terrorist attack some ISPs in Australia and New Zealand have blocked access to 4chan and other websites including Voat, 8chan and Zerohedge. In this article we will go through some different methods that can be used to circumvent these blocks so you’ll be able to browse 4chan in Australia and NZ.

Method 1: Change your DNS server

In most cases ISPs restrict access to certain websites with a DNS block. This is easy to implement for the ISP, since they just need to sever the tie between the domain and IP address on the ISP’s DNS server. Fortunately though it is an easy restriction to get around, as all you’d need to do is change your DNS server and the blocks would be bypassed.

Changing DNS server on a Mac or Windows PC

To change your DNS server on a desktop computer is really easy, just follow these instructions for a Mac or these instructions for a Windows PC.

Changing DNS server on a mobile device

The easiest and best way to change the DNS server on an Android phone, iPhone or iPad is to download a third party app which will let you pick your own DNS server:

Android: DNS Changer — Lilly

iOS: DNS Override

If you can’t or don’t wish to use a third party app, it is possible in both Android and iOS to change the DNS server manually — however it will only work on WiFi networks, not cellular/4G. Depending on the OS version your device runs you may also need to change the settings for each and every WiFi network you use. If you would like to do it this way instead, follow these instructions for Android or these instructions for iOS.

Method 2: Use a VPN

Another way to access 4chan within Australia/NZ is to use a VPN to route your traffic through another country. In some cases you can even use a VPN server within Australia, as not all ISPs block 4chan. A good VPN will not be free, and 4chan blocks VPN traffic from posting threads or replies unless you have a Pass, however it remains a good option if you cannot change your DNS server or if your ISP is blocking 4chan using a method other than DNS.

There are an endless number of paid VPN services out there which will work with your computer and phone, however here are three of the best in the industry:


From approx $8.00 per month on 12 month plan – click here to learn more.


+ TOP download speed
+ Torrenting allowed
+ Netflix working
+ Very Secure
+ 1500 servers


 Relatively high cost


From approx $7.00 per month on 12 month plan – click here to learn more.


+ Secure (strong encryption)
+ Great features
+ Works with Netflix
+ Torrenting allowed
+ Kill Switch


– Company not as transparent
 High-cost month-to-month plan


From approx $5.00 per month on 12 month plan – click here to learn more.


+ Great usability
+ TOP 10 Download Speed
+ Torrenting allowed
+ 30-day money back guarantee


 Not working on Netflix
 AES 128 encryption (not 256)
 Customer support could be better

Method 3: Use a mobile app

If you only want to access some of the worksafe/blue boards you could try one of the many 4chan mobile apps available on the Google Play and App Store. The boards available are limited, however it’s an easy way and free way to access boards such as /ck/ and /diy/.

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