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How to change your MacBook’s keyboard layout to AZERTY

by tmnsoon

Suppose you have purchased a MacBook with a U.S. keyboard layout, but are used to typing with AZERTY rather than QWERTY? Fortunately it is very easy to change your MacBook’s input so that the keyboard will be mapped to AZERTY rather than QWERTY.

Simply go to the System Preferences, go to the Keyboard section and select the Input Sources tab:

Now click the plus symbol to add a national keyboard layout. Select France or Belgium accordingly to get the AZERTY layout:

Ensure the “display at login” box is ticked so you can type in AZERTY on the login screen too:

Now you can go to the menu bar and switch to your French/Belgium AZERTY layout:

If you can touch type, then it probably won’t be much of a problem to have the letters on the keyboard mismatching with what they actually type when you press them. However if you’d like them to match up, keyboard covers or stickers with the AZERTY layout can be purchased cheaply on Amazon:

french azerty stickers 01
French AZERTY keyboard stickers for Mac - red with transparent background
French AZERTY keyboard stickers for Mac - white or black with solid background


Of course another option for having the keys match up is to try and pry them off your MacBook’s keyboard and rearrange them — however this is risky as you could easily break the mechasisms under the keys when trying to get them off. A keyboard cover is the safer option, and will also protect your MacBook from spilled food/drinks.

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