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How to locate Minecraft Worlds on your Mac

by tmnsoon

Want to find the Minecraft World files on your Mac so you can move them to another computer and share them with others? There are a few extra steps compared to locating them on Windows computers, however it is still a pretty straightforward process.

First, open the Terminal application on your Mac and type the following then hit enter: $ defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles true

Now type killall Finder and hit enter:

This will show all of the hidden files on your Mac. You can now navigate to the “saves” folder which contains all of your Minecraft worlds. The path from your home folder will be Library > Application Support > minecraft > saves as per the screenshot below.

Once done moving your Minecraft worlds you may want to hide those formely hidden files again, as they can be annyoing, cluttering up your folders. If this is the case, go back to the Terminal and enter $ defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles false followed by killall Finder and they will be hidden again:

If you are having any trouble with this feel free to leave a comment below!

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